We Undertake all kinds of Corporate events which vary according to the client’s preference or what a client wants to derive out of the event. It could be a dealer or sales team meet where one would like to acquire new clients or it could be an awards ceremony for their HR Dept, we do it all…
Organizations plan and hold these meetings with targeted audiences, and provide them with relevant information. Conferences typically have multiple sessions that occur concurrently. They are typically held at hotels, begin with a keynote session and then hold breakout sessions by topic. Seminars on the other hand are usually shorter events, lasting a couple hours, ½ day or a whole day. They have single or multiple speakers, and keep all participants together in the same space. Travel Koncepts consists of the expertise needed to execute your conference or seminar for you with aplomb and skill and help you derive what you want to from the event.
Brand Activations and Product launches for us is about giving our clients the idea and the platforms that are needed to showcase they’re product to the audience they need to showcase it to , in order to propel it into the market and compliment other processes that the client might implement towards the same product…they give us the product and we give them the idea along with the means through which they can derive maximum benefit out of doing the event.

Organizations attend trade shows as a lead generation activity, or host one to reinforce their image as an industry leader among those who attend, such as members, customers, prospects and suppliers. Travel Koncepts carries expertise in getting organized what the client would need for a successful trade show or exhibition.
Our Services Include:
• A/C Tent Set- up
• Non A/C or A/C Hanger Set- ups
• Booth and Stall Designs
• Setting up Points of Display

Travel Koncepts works with the HR Departments of different companies to organize a variety of activities for they’re employees which include team building exercises, training on Leadership Skills, Platforms to increase interaction between the different levels of workforce in an organization and also events for incentivizing and awarding high performing employees. The focus of every HR event that we do is to help a client further motivate they’re workforce and build a clear communication channel with they’re employees. This helps the management improve on efficiency in business and also helps brings the organizations goals and visions on an even keel with they’re employees.

Travel Koncepts is committed to organize high quality entertainment services for our clients which can be within a corporate environment or on a more personal note…

Events within corporate entertainment can range from executive retreats and incentive programs to Appreciation Events. Executive retreats and incentive programs can be events that a client may plan for they’re employees or distributor networks & customers and appreciation events allow the client to spend informal time in a non-traditional environment with people important to they’re business giving both parties an opportunity to build a rapport and learn more about mutual business priorities.
Events within the personal category could be any anniversary, birthday, occasion that an individual would like to celebrate.

Travel Koncepts takes pride in having the resources that are needed to organize any entertainment, shows, parties etc where the idea is for people to have a good time and for the client to make an impression and providing something different, fun and enjoyable to everyone involved.
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