We will do everything there is to be done to ensure you have the smoothest and most comfortable journey.
After receiving your medical records, we will transfer them to the relevant medical facilities. You will be given a choice of several medical facilities, and in cooperation with us you will choose one most suitable for your needs.
Here is a partial list of the services we provide:
1. Conversation between you and your doctor in the destination country prior to your trip, if needed
2. Visa assistance
3. Airplane tickets
4. Hotel/Appartment reservations, depending on budget
5. International calling cards, local SIMs for your cellular phone
6. Pick up and drop off at the airport ,ambulance assistance can be arranged if needed
7. Pre-scheduled doctor appointment and procedures
8. Full coordination and support 24/7
9. A full rejuvenating tour, if asked so
10. Medical records for your home physician
11. Follow ups and channel of communication between you and your overseas doctor after your journey
All those and many more important factors will be attended to by us, so you can put your mind and body at ease. There’s nothing we can’t do in order to solve any issue that might come up. We are with you 24/7, and we have trip plans that work flawlessly.
Cost Comparison for selected surgeries...
Heart Bypass
Heart valve replacement
Hip Replacement
Knee Replacement
Spinal Fusion
Source: ‘Medical Tourism, Consumers in Search of Value’, Deloitte Center for Health Solutions.
India’s medical centers are well furnished with latest technology recognized and considered to be as competent as the ones and sophisticated equipment. Also, the Indian doctors are no less than their peers in any other part of the world. A lot of emphasis is being laid on establishment of world-class medical infrastructure that could provide a comprehensive package of all sorts of medical procedures.
Currently in India, there are more than 10 hospitals/hospital chains that are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) – the foremost international organization certifying the hospitals. These include Fortis, Max Healthcare, Apollo, and Indraprastha Hospitals to name a few. Other than these, too, there is an array of centers that provide equivalent/better medical services.
In addition, with a composition of highly qualified and experienced surgeons and physicians, certified nurses and para-medical staff, Indian healthcare system is considered to be as safe and reliable as that prevailing in the Western countries.
Due to the increase in the cost for medical treatments, it has become inevitable for people to travel away from home, in order to get the same at a lesser price. India has already become a popular destination for people to travel and get an equivalent quality medical treatment, at significant lower costs. For instance, a heart valve replacement in the US that costs USD 200,000 (approx.) can be as efficiently conducted in India, at a significantly fractional cost of USD 10,000 – 14,000. A significant percentage of people in the West who are not sufficiently covered by insurance seek such treatment elsewhere. And certainly, India is the best place for it.
SURGERY Duration of Hospitalisation Cost
cardiology and Cardiothoracic Surgery: CABG 5 Days US$ 8500/ approx.
Orthopedics and Joint Replacement Surgery 7 Days single US$ 6500/; Double US$ 13000/ approx.
Neurology and Neurosurgery: Spine Surgery 7 Days US$ 8500/ approx
Nephrology and Urology 15 days for patient and 8 days for the donor US$ 15000/ approx.
Cosmetic surgery: Face lift 3 Days US$ 3000/ approx.
Bariatric Surgery: Gastric bypass 8 Days : US$ 8000/ approx.
Liver Transplants 15 days for the patient, 8 days for the donor US$ 15000/ approx.
Infertility Management OP Procedure US$ 2000/cycle

We offer stay options at luxury five star hotels, heritage hotels, budget hotels, to make your journey convenient, hassle-free as per your choice. Tourist can have enjoyment of famous India cuisines, Indian life styles also including western life style experience of superb hospitality in the Indian Hotels.

Serviced apartments are a booming new choice of the travelers who reach from abroad or within the country for medical treatment, tourism purpose, business reasons and other needs. Most of the travelers prefer home stays and serviced apartments now as it gives you the warmth of a home and comes at an affordable rate when you compare it to a business-class hotel.

Apartments with us are available for short and longer stays. We make sure that your trip, whether a medical trip, holiday trip or business trip, you are at total comfort and security.

Even though we strive to be the best in industry, we are always open to the constructive suggestions of our esteemed guest. We try to give you refined and superior quality with our impeccable services.

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